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Friday, July 22, 2022

‘Zomato’ electric vehicles will be charged at Jio-BP’s fuel pump, partnership between companies

 ‘Zomato’ electric vehicles will be charged at Jio-BP’s fuel pump, partnership between companies

Last year, Jio-bp launched two of the largest electric wheels charging hubs in India. Jio-bp is also supply facilities for electric vehicles to many  more agency . This includes charging stations as well as battery swapping stop . Geo-BP aims to create a conducive ecosystem for electric vehicles and that will  be support mobility agency to grow their company .

Jio-BP has as well as launched a mobile request  named ‘Jio-BP Pulse’, with the support  of and that electric heels drivers can locate their nearest charging station. Jio-BP is collaborating to accelerate the adoption of electric wheels in the rapidly growing Indian transept and convey segment. Jio-BP has as well as partnered with Mahindra and TVS in the past.

Jio-bp recently bring its first mobility station in Maharashtra, and that provider  a wide range of fuel options including EV charging infrastructure and retail outlets. More than 5,500 fuel pumps will be opened by 2025 under the Jio-BP brand. Jio-bp mobility stations are making to meet the growing fuel demand and provider  a range of kindness for the benefit of the buyer .

Instead of regular fuel, Jio-bp mobility stop across the nation provider additive fuel at no extra cost. The fuel will  be consist of an global growth ‘Active’ formula. It support in keeping the engine clean so that the engine works without any trouble for a long time.

Jio-bp, in partnership with Castrol, provider a network of express oil change outlets at its mobility stop , and that will  be supply free wheels check-up and free oil-change kindness through trained experts.

In addition to these new value concept , Jio-bp end-to-end automation backed ensures ‘facts and total ’ assurance, whereby every buyer gets full value for every rupee spent on Jio-bp mobility stop  .

To create an unmatched customer experience, exciting new value concept such as dynamic pricing, instant discounts, happy hour schemes, flexible across the network and discharge of uniform digital payments will  be as well as be discharge .



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