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Sunday, April 10, 2022

Vali Dikari Yojna

 The Gujarat government will start 'Vali Dikari' scheme for girls' empowerment in the state. 1 lakh will be received. In an effort to increase the birth rate of girls and fight against female fetus, the Gujarat government has launched ‘Gujarat Wahali Dikari Yojana 2019’ in the budget. Under the scheme, when the girl reaches the age of 18, Finance Minister Nitin Patel announced in the Assembly that the government would give her Rs one lakh. Gujarat Wahali Dikari Yojana 2019

Finding a large sum of money for a girl's higher education and marriage ceremony. The benefit of this dear daughter scheme 2019 scheme will be given to the family having an annual income of Rs. 2 lakhs. A provision of Rs.133 crore has been made for this.

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Regarding the above scheme, the Deputy Chief Minister said that the government is consulting with financial institutions like banks and LICs on this beloved daughter scheme 2019 scheme. The government will offer higher interest rates. Wahali Dikari Yojana 2019 Yojana interest will run.

The Gujarat Government has announced the launch of the Dear Daughter Scheme 2019 to improve the birth ratio, increase the education ration of girls, save the future of girls and promote the birth of a girl child. Under this scheme, the government will pay three times as much. Support the parents of the girls. The first and second daughters of the family will be promoted under the daughter scheme. The Wahali Dikari scheme will definitely prevent female feticide, promote girls 'education and provide a significant amount for higher education and girls' marriage.

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Gujarat Valley Dikari Yojana is going to improve the birth rate of girls and will strengthen the socio-economic status of girls in the society. All applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria to be eligible for the Wahali Dikari Yojana:



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