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Monday, April 18, 2022

Personal Finance

Personal Finance

Mutual funds are being considered as a good investment option in our country. In the last few years, many funds have paid good returns. In such a situation, many people are confused about whether investing in the Sukanya Srichdhi Yojana or mutual funds for their own daughter. Today, we will share with you about both these plans so that you can choose the right choice according to your self.
Sukanya Prosperity Scheme

Under the Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana, an account can be opened at the age of 10 after the birth of a child. This scheme can be opened anywhere in the bank or post office. The Sukanya Srichdhi Yojana is currently offering interest at 7.6% per annum.
Account can be opened at Rs. 2500

The account can be opened at Rs. 250. Under the Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana, an account can be opened only after the birth of a child at the age of 10 years. The account will mature after the daughter turns 21 or after the girl gets married and you will get full payment with interest.
Account can also be closed after 5 years

Account can be closed for 5 years after opening. If a serious illness occurs or the account is being closed for some other reason, it is allowed to be closed. But the interest on it will be paid as per the savings account.
Half the money can be withdrawn when the daughter turns 18

After the age of 18, 50% of the expenditure for higher education of a child can be withdrawn in the sukanya srichdhi yojana account. To open an account, it is necessary to provide a birth certificate for the daughter. Proof of identity and address of the child and parents is required. This account can be transferred anywhere in the country. This feature is available to the account holder if it migrates from the original location of opening the account to another location. There is no charge for this. If the account is being closed before the end of 21 years, the account holder must make an affidavit that the daughter is not under 18 years of age when she closes the account.
Benefits from tax exemption

A maximum deposit of Rs 1.5 lakh can be made under the Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana in the current financial year. Tax exemption can also be availed on deposits under Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act.
Mutual Funds

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચો

Mutual funds can offer more returns

The Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana may have tax benefits but you get fixed interest in it, in which you cannot earn more than that. Considering the rising inflation ary problem over time, investing in equity mutual funds can be good for the future of children. Equity Mutual Funds can choose an option as required from index funds, large cap funds and mid cap funds. Investment plan in equity fund can be selected according to risk profile. According to experts, investing in an equity mutual fund is the best option for investing for 10 years or more.

Downlaod Adharcard Latest Trending News From Government And News Sourse

Downlaod Adharcard Latest Trending News From Government And News Sourse

The misuse of Aadhaar card has been discussed for a long time. Recently UIDAI clarified that the data attached to the base was not stolen. Every work today needs support.

The question in people's minds is how many times have they used Aadhaar card for money laundering? Aadhar card holders can know how many times and where their Aadhar card has been used through UIDAI's website 'Aadhar Authentication History' service. On the site you will find the last 6 months of your Aadhaar card.

First go to UIDAI's official website uidai.gov.in and select the option 'My Aadhar'

Next Aadhar Service Center will open in which click on the option of ‘Aadhar Authentication History’ and fill in your name and captcha image.

The OTP number will then come to your registered mobile number. After filling it will come up with 2 options.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

One of the two options is ‘Authentication Type’ which will get details like biometric etc. There will be another option ‘Data range’. Under this, information will be available between a certain date and another date.

At the end you fill in the time frame and you will get information about support.

મગજ કસે તેવા કેટલાક કોયડા.....

મગજ કસે તેવા કેટલાક કોયડા.....

PUZZLE Get smart 12 × 12 = 9, 23 × 23 = 16, 34 × 34 =? Link to see the answer to this riddle

PUZZLE Get smart 12 × 12 = 9, 23 × 23 = 16, 34 × 34 =? Link to see the answer to this riddle


After performing the multiplication, we reach the result by adding the individual numbers that make up the result.

If 12x12 = 144, then 1 + 4 + 4 = 9

If 23x23 = 529, then 5 + 2 + 9 = 16

If 34x34 = 1156,. then 1 + 1 + 5 + 6 = 13

In this world, every human has only according to his or her karmas, knowledge, acquisition of material, merit, eligibility. This is the law of justice of God.

Sixth, double-faced, unrighteous, false people may not be able to understand the truth. How will Dr. Vishwaroop Rai Choudhary consider those people who go to the doctor who is putting glasses on himself to get his eye treated, and go to the dentist who, after removing his teeth, gets caught in your hand. gives.

If the liver specialist does not perform fifty-five blood tests with the machine, he will not be able to tell the disease. All those people consider themselves very intelligent too. If you ask him this question, he will try to prove you a fool.
In spite of being self-surveyed, Lord Shri Krishna and Balaram ji apologized to their parents in this way while going away from the house to establish the dignity of Lord Shri Krishna society and dignity for an ordinary person.

Oh my mother, my father! Forgive us for your inability to serve me. "All these incidents are very painful for me. Can anyone abandon them even after taking Shri Krishna's footsteps even once? By just reciting his bereavement he We could destroy the evil who were a burden on this earth. In front of your eyes,


Signs of a Heart Attack Are Found Just Weeks Ago

Signs of a Heart Attack Are Found Just Weeks Ago

You may be surprised to know, but the fact is that often your body starts giving signs of a heart attack just weeks before and if you recognize these signs and symptoms then a heart attack which is also known as an acute myocardial infarction can be avoided. Indeed, there are two types of heart attacks - sudden and gradual. According to the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care, symptoms are already present in about 50 percent of heart attack cases, and in about 85 percent of heart attack cases, the heart is damaged within the first 2 hours.

Symptoms of heart attack in men

According to heart attack statistics, men are at higher risk of heart attack than women. If you smoke, you have high BP, high cholesterol, obesity, then you have a higher risk of heart attack. The symptoms of a heart attack in men are slightly different than in women.

Severe chest pain, it feels like chest pain is happening. The pain can be persistent and may stop and resume.
Feel pain or discomfort in the upper body such as arms, shoulders, back, throat, jaw or abdomen.
Irregular or slow heartbeat.
Abdominal pain or feeling uncomfortable as if indigestion.
Shortness of breath and feeling of not getting enough air to breathe while resting
Dizziness, dizziness, fainting
Sweating cold with shivering

The symptoms of a heart attack are different in every person and not all people necessarily have all the symptoms. You understand your body better, so be sure to identify your symptoms and signs

Symptoms of heart attack in women

In 2003, a study was published in the journal Circulation, which found that when women have a heart attack, most people do not have symptoms of chest pain. Instead, women have excessive and abnormal fatigue, sleep problems, and discomfort. Eighty percent of the women included in the study experienced at least one symptom 1 month before the heart attack. Common symptoms of a heart attack in women are:

Experience very unusual fatigue that lasts for several days or suddenly feels very tired for no reason.
Sleep problems
Dizziness, dizziness
Feeling anxious
Indigestion or abdominal pain
Pain in the upper back, shoulders or neck
Acute pain in the jaw
Feeling severe pain or pressure in the middle of the chest that spreads to the arms
ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચો

Unfortunately, compared to men, women are less likely to survive a heart attack because they do not take its symptoms and health problems seriously and die due to lack of timely treatment.

Very Beautiful Image Collection to Identify the Birds of Gujarat

Very Beautiful Image Collection to Identify the Birds of Gujarat

The State Bird of Gujarat (Greater Flamingos) was fully detailed- updated. What is the name of the state bird of Gujarat? Description of the state bird of Gujarat. They live in relatively shallow water bodies, including salt loggers, salt ponds, rivers and massive salt or alkaline lakes. Greater flamingos, commonly known as carnivore birds, prey on vertebrates such as nematatos, worms, crabs, moluck, crustaceans, insects and larvae and small fish. They will also use material including grass, seed and control, small leaves and alga

The time of enlargement varies in most tropical and subtropics (the weather changes with location and should occur at irregular intervals in some areas). The structure can be about 12 inches tall, round and small with a small bean with a neutral center for laying eggs.

Both races look the same, but men are slightly larger than women, and men and women get their adult color a little earlier. The juvenile is blue and blue, part of which is in the lower part, wings and tail, and hence the legs and beaks are mostly blue.

Virtually every bird found in Western North America is transported to life during this portable guide, an important companion within the area and a key in any Birdwatcher library. It features a durable vinyl binding and brightly colored full-colored photographic image rying, with quick accessaccess and fixed text, including bird noise, nest ing habits, habitat, range and interesting behavior. Series map at the same time; Overhead flight siluates; Bird-watching, emergency species and endangered bird divisions, the National Auddun Society's guidelines make the North American bird available the most widely available.

Download PDF

The First Edition publication, The Sibley Guide to Birds, quickly established David Allen Sibley as the author and painter of the nation's highest and most comprehensive guide for birds. From a learned man to a leading expert, the Sibili Guide, operated by many birds, was a quality by which the agreement guidelines are measured. The much anticipated second edition builds on this foundation of excellence, providing a large-scale and updated information, new paintings, new and rare species, and new, grand designs.

World's Biggest Magician

World's Biggest Magician

Select time to get and dial

The default voice dialer on the Google Play Store

Put a simple path on the scope of your gadget for the best results, turn on ortoron and understand that you can get in touch with the legitimate using your voice only and call another voice.

Good design

Select the number to call after voiceis.

Recognition of contact multiple numbers

Highlights and subtlety:

Voice Call Dialer is an exceptional app that will interface a customer's name or when he talks to a portable number.

This is a valuable device that must be in their portable to interface the call when driving or when they use their omnipotent or when they are in possession of something.

Share this app through web-based networking media and rate this app with your comments.

Open an app that allows you to use voice orders. Specific apps have different barriers, and your telephone will not allow to-message preferences now and again. Most areas where you can type text allow this, it should be as it may be.

Tap the mouthpiece button on one side of the spacebar. Chancef chance that you won't see the receiver, you cannot access voice-to-text for the option you are using at the time.

Wait for the "Talk currently" message to show on the showcase.

Speak clearly and legally over the telephone to guide you to something that is composed. Your telephone gives you the opportunity to turn off something that you can speak well and if there are no basic cores. After you finish, check the content to effectively direct your telephone.

તમારૂ આજનું રાશિફળ જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો

તમારૂ આજનું રાશિફળ જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો

Gujarati Daily Horoscope 2020 Daily Horoscope in your mobile:

Hello all the Gujarati people, are you ready? For routing your horoscope every morning! Gujarati Daily Rashi Bhavishya 2020 is a unique app specially designed for Android users to facilitate them by providing them with their horoscope in their mother tongue Gujarati! We already published a government scheme on our website.

Gujarati Daily Rashi Bhavishya 2020 app is a feature-driven app that provides a horoscope for each zodiac sign just by a click. Get to know your daily zodiac sign description instantly by installing Gujarati Daily Rashi Bhavishya 2020 app. Gujarati Daily Rashi Bhavishya 2020 app is easy to install and operate. Gujarati Daily Rashi Bhavishya 2020 app has a simple and user-friendly GUI.

Gujarati Daily Horoscope 2020[/caption]


1) Install the Gujarati Daily Rashi Bhavishya 2020 app.
2) Select your zodiac sign.
3) Your today's horoscope will be displayed according to the selected zodiac sign.
4) There are three options: Today, Tomorrow, or Yearly. Select any of the three options.
5) You can also save or share the horoscope.

તમારૂ આજનું રાશિફળ જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો

How to use it?

- Install Gujarati Daily Rashi Bhavi 2020 application.
- Choose your zodiac sign.
- A description of your horoscope for today will be displayed.
- There are three options: today, tomorrow, or annually. Choose any of the three options.
- You can download or share a horoscope description.

આજનું રાશી ભવિષ્ય જુઓ: This newspaper cutting is special thanks to nav Gujarat Samay paper for these glorious things form the apart. There are so much confusion that may happen for more detail you may visit this newspaper also.

રાશી ફળ વાંચવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

આજનું પંચાંગ જે બતાવશે તમને સારા મુહુર્ત :


- Readily available application.
- Easy installation.
- Easy to understand and operate.
- Simple and appealing design.
- User-friendly and pleasant GUI.
- Quick click executions.

- Horoscope descriptions of today, tomorrow, and yearly can be viewed.
- Gujarati Daily Rashi Bhavishya 2020 app supports all screen resolutions of mobile and tablet devices.
- Gujarati Daily Horoscope Future 2020: Daily Horoscope app is effective and efficient in functioning.
- Gujarati Daily Rashi Bhavishya 2020 is a lightweight application, will not drain phone battery or other resources.
- Once installed, no further internet connection is required by the Gujarati Dainik Rashi Bhavishya 2020: Daily Horoscope app.

Aries | Aries
(Whose name starts with a, l, e)
Saturday, October 10, 2020
Pandit - Dr. Ajay Bhambi
Dr. Ajay Bhambi
According to the lunar zodiac
Positive: - Accept every challenge with your talent and energy. Will also be creative. Especially the women class will maintain good coordination both at home and outside. Time will be fruitful for the students.

Negative: - Pay special attention to the budget while meeting the needs of the family financially. Don't expect anything from friends and relatives. Find your own solution to your problems.

Business: You can get a great deal in business today.

Love: - Husband and wife can have a dispute over something.

Health: - Keep your diet, exercise, and routine perfectly organized.

Download Silver and Gold Price - Check Latest Silver Price Today In India

Download Silver and Gold Price - Check Latest Silver Price Today In India

Silver and Gold Price - Check Latest Silver Price Today In India

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Download all news ePaper Gujarati news & Magazines Free

Download all news ePaper Gujarati news & Magazines Free

today’s all news ePaper Gujarati news & Magazines :ePaper Gujarati – Gujarati News Paper 2020 in user can read all gujarati news papers & ePaper Gujarati with many features with also provide best ePaper Gujarati in gujarati language, english and hindi with daily ePaper Gujarati and gujarati magazin

Daily you can read more then 250+ ePaper like Gujarati epapers – gujarat samachar epaper, sandesh epaper divya bhaskar epaper , akila etc best ePaper Gujarati newspapers and all ePaper in Gujarati language into one app.

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Video That Shakes Life

Video That Shakes Life

Google India keyboard licenseis is for writing updates on casual networks or to create messages in your own nearest livepage on your Android phone.

On your telephone, you can enter and use a Google Indic keyboard to enter your language in the local content above; Your telephone cannot under any circumstances strengthen your language.

The Google Indic keyboard promotes a variety of information:

Writing mode - Get your local language yield by publishing oratory using English characters (for example, "Namaste" - > "Namaste").

Original Keyboard Mode - Type directly in the original script.

Signature mode (currently available only for Hindi) - Write directly to your phone screen.

Hinglish Mode - If you choose "Hindi" as an input language, the English keyboard will indicate both English and Hinglish words.

How can I set it as an empowerment and default console?

Open Settings: Under keyboard and INPUT METHODS field, go to the language and input, select the current keyboard> select the keyboard -> check "Google Indic Keyboard" -> return to "Language and Information" -> Select the current keyboard> "Select English and Indian languages (Google Indic Keyboard) "When composing an information b ink, you will likely be able to use the same screen as you can.

Under the "Console and Input Method" segment> open the language and input, check the Google Indic keyboard, click Default at the time, and select "Google Indic Keyboard" in the "Select Input Strategy" speech.

While composing in data b inks, you can also change the default input technique by selecting "Select Input Strategy" in the information field.

Don't laugh

Don't laugh

MX Player launches mx taktak, new video app: "MX Takkattak provides you with real and entertaining videos that you can easily see and share on social media. The description of the app on the Chat Dubbing, ComeMedi, Gaming, DIY, Food, Google Play Store says sports, memes and so on.

"MX T Takatakak can be a short video community that is local, especially mx. Made in India by media and entertainment. On MX T Takakat Onk, we provide rich video content and encourage imagination-filled creation," adds the profile on the Play Store.

Create music videos ☆ India Native India Short Videos app ☆ fun dialogue dubbing ☆ post real videos ip lip-sync videos

MX T Taktech is a short video community made by MX Media and Entertainment in India, especially in India. On MX Takata, we provide rich video content and encourage creation to be full of imagination.

MX T Takatech provides you with real and entertaining videos that you can view and share on social media. Browse dialogdubbing, comedy, gaming, DIY, food, sports, memes and more.

Music Video Maker App

Make short entertainment music videos on

Go, do your favorite movie dialogues, dance videos and more, share on Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media platforms. Edit and share videos using our editing features!

Main Features

Trending Hot Videos

Just browse trending hot, funny, amazing videos in one swipe! Load immediately, easy interface and leg free.

Save and Share Status

There are 10,000 status videos available to select you.

Shoot and edit any way you like

Record your most creative side and share with your fans!

Beauty Qam for you

You can choose beauty effects and filters during video shooting.

Video Editor

Connect and organize your videos as you need.

Photo Editor

Select 9 photos and start a story with them.

Rich Music Library

Music library with fresh editor selections. Take your creative potential to the next level and unlock the world of endless possibilities.

Eye Test - Android App

Eye Test - Android App

When was the last time your eyes were tested? Can't you remember With this eye checkup you can easily and completely check your vision at home! After performing the tests, you should decide whether or not you should see an eye doctor. Doing vision tests is fun, and you can even share the results with your friends on Facebook!

The app has 12 types of eye tests (6 free and 6 Pro)

Visual acuity tests
An Ishihara color blindness test
Color the cube game to test your vision and speed
4 Amsler grid tests
AMD testing for mucular degeneration
Gluc Coma Survey
Written test aka. How much do you know about the eye?
Conflict sensitivity test
Landollt C / Tumbling E test
Opacity test
Duchrome test
An OKN strip test
Red disintegration test
Visual acuity

Visual acuity testing is a regular part of eye examination, especially in vision problems. At a young age, these vision problems can often be corrected or improved.

Detected or untreated vision problems can permanently damage vision.

Color blendness

Check if your color is blind.


The Amsler grid is a grid of horizontal and change lines that are used to investigate vision problems caused by changes in the retina, especially the mucous membrane as well as the optic nerve.


Age-related muscular degeneration is a progressive eye condition that affects millions of people.


Glaucoma is a group of diseases that damage the optic nerve of the eye and can result in loss of vision. If left untreated it can lead to blindness.

રાતે કેટલા કલાક ઉંઘ લો છો ..? ચેતી જજો, આ ગંભીર બિમારીનું જોખમ

A new study warns that getting less than five hours of sleep a night doubles the risk of dementia. Researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston examined data from 2,812 American adults, as well as people aged 65 and over. ‘Very short’ sleep time was defined as five hours or less, and 7-8 hours was found to be twice the risk of dementia compared to the ‘recommended time’.


Do you sleep less than 5 hours a night?

New research confirms previous research that lack of sleep inevitably sets the stage for Alzheimer's disease, a form of dementia. This research does not investigate the cause behind the relationship, but the lack of proper rest can prevent the brain from eliminating toxins, leading to a decrease in brain function.


Fear of double risk of dementia

Researchers have identified an "urgent need" to identify specific recommendations for improving sleep in the elderly. Researcher Dr Rebecca Robbins says the results explain the relationship between lack of sleep and the risk of dementia and the importance of helping the elderly get enough sleep every day.

According to the World Health Organization, about 50 million people worldwide suffer from dementia and about 10 million new cases occur each year. Alzheimer's disease is the most common type of dementia and can contribute to 60-70% of cases of dementia.


According to the UK Alzheimer's Society, more than 900,000 people in Britain live with dementia and the figure is estimated to be one million by 2024. The Sleep Foundation says that sleep disorders are more common in the elderly than in any other age group. There are many types of dementia, of which Alzheimer's disease is the most common.

ગુજરાતીમાં માહિતી માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

Dementia is a global concern, but is found in most affluent countries. There is currently no cure for dementia, but medications can slow it down. If reported at an early stage, more effective treatment can occur. Older people who don't get enough sleep have a 25 percent higher risk of stress and dementia, according to new research in China.

Online Ration Card at Home Without Agent

Online Ration Card at Home Without Agent

Digital Gujarat ratline app registration details: Are you looking for digital gujarat or registering in the digital gujarat portal? Therefore, you are the right place to get the best results for Digital India.

Earlier, once the official services portal was launched. The Gujarat Government will soon be able to avail of a number of government services through their smartphones and tablets, while the State Government will also decide to launch mobile apps.

Why ration card is important:

Ration card is one of the most important documents for every person in India; This document is provided on the orders or power of the State Government. Now, you can easily apply online for ration card and you can check the ration card status.

Ration card details, provide vital proof of citizens' identity and residence, are also used as proof of applying for domain certificate, birth certificate, voter ID card etc. You can also identify the ration card offer by name and verify the details of the ration card. Make the holder entitled to ration of food, fuel or other goods issued by the Government of India. Subsidized foods (wheat, rice, sugar) and kerosene are mainly used when buying.

Cards have been applied in the state you are in. We can help you in the form and integration of documents. This will help you sort this process quickly and smoothly. So go ahead, let's help you!

Ration cards of type:

Blue / Yellow / Green / Red Ration Cards - For people living below the poverty line. This ration card is for various subsidies on food, fuel and other goods.

White Ration Cards - This ration card is for people living above the poverty line that they help as identity.

Anyone who is living in India on a permanent basis who wants to have a ration,

She/ she or any other person has already applied or have taken possession of such a card.

She/ her or any member of her family are not included in the other ration card.

Ration cards have been used in India for some time to provide to certain economic sections of society, which means people earn less than a certain figure, subsidize food grains and other cooking needs. The amount they receive depends on their household income. However, the government of India used the booklet printed, with all the financial information of the family, for a long time, they are slowly switching on digital and running with time in mind. This switch is not made across the country as ration cards are individually managed by different states but are included in a few states.

The most important part of the process is whether it is related to the time or location of the application, according to the convenience of the applicant, which makes the whole system faster and more attractive than before. Only the process of applying for ration card is made paperless, but it is the ration card itself. From the paper booklet, ration cards are now a few bits of plastic.

He joined the West Bengal programme and started changing ration cards of his people. People without ration cards found the switch easier because they would apply for a digital ration card directly, yet people with their booklets had to follow a boring system to handle the infection. Also, they do not have the right system to cancel ration cards which they already have but they are working on it and it will be all very soon.

It can be used by fair price shops as technology will be provided and easily tracked which reduces counterfeit entries or mentions incorrect amounts of food and food, especially when it was in charge, digital or otherwise, changes based on the Indian state that the applicant is applying for. Each state has its own systems, but the basic foundation and the constitution are quite consistent.

Initially, the process of obtaining ration cards was boring, where applicants went to the office and bought the letters. They had to submit them to fill in, collect the support documents and submit them at a fee. They will have to travel for the third trip in about a month to see if they are ready to withdraw ration cards.

Ration Card Application Forms: Click Here

This process changed better than the upload of application forms on their official ration card websites. He saved time and began collecting all the information needed on his laser. They will then have to pay their fees in fees along with applications and forms. In some states, this was the peak of digitisation, while others pushed for better systems.

Sunday, April 17, 2022

લગ્ન પ્રસંગ કે અન્ય પ્રસંગ માટે આમંત્રણ કાર્ડ તૈયાર કરો

Your Name Art Wallpaper : Name Shadow Art Maker AI Android APK Download Free 2020

Creative Name Art provide more then 100+ famous and unique 3D fonts and styles and emoji to make your post creative and amazing. Now a day it's very trend to make you unique on different social media platforms new update includes Your Name Art Wallpaper and Name Shadow Art Maker 2020

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Using Name Art create amazing and beautiful Name Art Photo Editorwith this app you can decorate and stylize text you write such as your name,your dear name, your father and mother and surname. With Focus and Filter Name Art you can choose so many different emoji like queen,king crowns and more.

Download this amazing Name Art Effect app and make you name and surname post unique and attractive.

What's in a name? Shop our selection of beautiful personalized name art, including canvases, frames, prints, and more. For any name(s), we can make you an expertly personalized gift that is immediately heirloom worthy. Hang it up! With name wall art, adding a personalized touch to your home has never been easier. Shop personalized last name wall art and add a picture of the family to create your own custom name wall décor the entire family will love. Our ever-popular personalized family wall art is always a hit, no matter the recipient. Shop today for that extra special gift!

- Create your 3D name Post for insta
- Create Name art design and make your unique post
- Using this app you can fill like a Name a

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Gujarati Lagan Kankotari,Gujarati Marriage Invitation Card – ગુજરાતી લગ્ન કંકોત્રી,Gujarati Lagan Kankotari,Gujarati Marriage Invitation Card,Latest News, jobs Updates, Technology Tips and General Information Updates, remain with us avakarnews Please share with your companions this Post.

>> Gujarati Marriage Kankotari is use to generate Indian wedding invitations in Gujarati in your mobile without use of Paper.

ગુજરાતી કંકોતરી, મેરેજ આમંત્રણ પત્રિકા બનાવવા માટેની એપ ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે નીચે આપેલ લિંક પર ક્લિક કરો




સ્ટેટ બેંક ઓફ ઇન્ડિયાના ATMમાં મફતમાં મળે છે આ 10 સુવિધાઓ, આ કામો માટે બેન્ક જવાની પણ નથી જરૂર

State Bank of India (SBI), the country's largest government bank, offers free services to its customers at its ATMs. According to SBI's website, it has more than 50,000 ATMs across India, the country's largest network. According to the bank, any customer can make a free transaction using a State Bank ATM-cum-Debit (Cash Plus) card at a State Bank ATM and wholly owned subsidiary i.e. SBI Commercial and International Bank Limited. Let us know some important things related to bank ATM



State Bank of India ATMs-cum-debit cards and State Bank International ATM-cum-debit cards are accepted at ATMs.




See How I Earn Rs. 1,800,000 A Month!



State Bank also accepts credit cards, Maestro, MasterCard, Cirrus, Visa and cards issued by other banks featuring the Visa Electron logo, according to information provided on the bank's website. According to RBI guidelines, customers (savings account holders only) are entitled to 3 free transactions (financial and financial) in 6 metros (Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bengaluru) and 5 other centers in a calendar month.




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Herbex Joint Pain Relief

These 10 features are available for free at SBI ATMs

Money can be sent to anyone:

Money can be transferred instantly through SBI Debit Card. Using this free and easy service, you can send up to Rs 30,000 per day to your loved ones. All you need is an SBI debit card, your PIN and the beneficiary's debit card number. (Rs. 15,000 / - per transaction limit)

Change PIN:

You can change your PIN by going to the bank's ATM. You can use this service to change your password at regular intervals. This service is completely free.


Find Balance from ATM:

If your account is constantly credited, then you can learn about the outstanding balance available in your account using this service.

Mini statement:

Using this service, you can monitor the transactions in your account. You can get information about last 10 transactions through mini statement. This service is also available on the main screen after swiping the card. You can see the balance on the screen through the ‘View’ option or you can get the transaction slip by selecting the print option.

Payment of insurance premium:

You can pay your SBI Life Premium using any ATM.


Mobile Top:

Recharge your mobile prepaid connection from any of the 5000+ ATMs and you can talk without interruption. This is very popular among SBI's customers, it ensures that you stay connected with people close to you on the mobile network.

Checkbook Request:

You can request your checkbook at an ATM without visiting a branch or filling out a transaction slip.

Bill Payment:

You can pay your various bills using ATM.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો


Even after the bank closes, deposit money into the account:

You can also make a fixed deposit using our ATM.

Donate to the Trust:

Donate to your favorite charity. For example 1) Vaishno Devi (2) Shirdi Sai Baba (3) Gurudwara Takht Saheb, Nanded (4) Tirupati (5) Shri Jagannath Temple, Puri (6) Palani, Tamil Nadu (7) Kanchi Kamkoti Pitham, Tamil Nadu (8)) Ramakrishna Mission, Kolkata (9) Mantralaya, Andhra Pradesh (10) Kashi Vishwanath, Banaras (11) Tulja Bhavani, Mumbai.

Google Family Link For Parents app

Google Family Link For Parents app

Google Family Link For Parents app

Try the free Family Link parental controls app from Google. Whether your children are young or in their teens, the Family Link app lets you remotely set digital ground rules from your own device to help guide them as they learn, play and explore online. For children under the age of 13 (or the applicable age of consent in your country), Family Link also lets you create a Google Account for your child that's like your account, with access to most Google services.

With Family Link parental controls, you can:Guide them to good content

• View their app activity − Not all screen time is the same. Help your child make healthy decisions about what they do on their Android device, with activity reports showing how much time they’re spending on their favourite apps. You can view daily, weekly or monthly reports.

See where they are

• It’s helpful to be able to find your child when they’re on the go. You can use Family Link to help locate them as long as they’re carrying their Android devices.

Important information

• Family Link’s tools vary depending on your child’s device. See a list of compatible devices at families.google.com/familylink/setup
• While Family Link helps you manage your child's purchases and downloads from Google Play, they will not need approval to install app updates (including updates that expand permissions), apps that you have previously approved or apps that have been shared in the Family Library. Parents should regularly review their child’s installed apps and app permissions in Family Link.

• Manage their apps − Handy notifications let you approve or block apps that your child wants to download from the Google Play Store. You can also manage in-app purchases remotely and hide specific apps on their device, all from your own device.
• Feed their curiosity − It can be hard working out which apps are suitable for your child, so Family Link shows you teacher-recommended apps on Android that you can add directly to their device.

Download Google Family App

Keep an eye on screen time

• Set limits − It’s up to you to decide how much screen time is suitable for your child. Family Link lets you set time limits and a bedtime for their supervised devices, so you can help them find a good balance.


Identify English Name Vagitable, Birds And Animals

Identify English Name Vagitable, Birds And Animals

Identify English Name Vagitable, Birds And Animals Test Given Here.Identify English Name Vagitable,Identify English Name Birds and Identify English Name Animals.Identify vegetables (English name) Identify birds from pictures (English) Identify animals from the picture (English) fun for kids to play with.

Are you searching for bird names in English? Here you will find a huge list of birds categorized by different types and illustrated with beautiful bird images. There are thousands of different types of birds and for this simple reason, it can seem like an overwhelming task to learn all of the names of birds in the English language. But it doesn’t have to be a challenge. A great way to learn the names of birds in English is to attempt to remember five every day, slowly but surely adding new words to your arsenal and giving you the upper hand during any conversations that relate to birds.

What are birds?
Birds are warm-blooded, have backbones, and have wings. They’re also the only animals with feathers. Did you know that there are as many as ten thousand different species of bird? That’s a lot of different birds! In this lesson, we’ll list some of these birds, and we’ll also give a few ways in which they can be sorted into different types.

There are all sorts of fun facts about birds. For instance, did you know that some birds can’t fly, even though they have wings? Did you know that the smallest bird is lighter than a small coin, and the largest bird can weigh nearly three hundred pounds? All of these birds will be listed below.

List of Indian vegetables name
If you know the name of any veggie in any regional Indian language and want to update it in this post… Then do leave it in the comment section and we will update the post. If we have missed any vegetable, then also you can let us know. Thanks in advance.

Learning the names of the animals can be quite beneficial for young children. Here you'll find a list of animal names in English and also lots of activities to help your little ones learn about the animals.


Some can swim, some can fly, and there are many different species of all sizes and shapes. Animals are all over the world, and all of them are fascinating! From a young age, children are drawn to animals. They take a special liking for those that live in very different habitats, and that have interesting characteristics such as flying or swimming.

Children’s start learning animals names and sounds from a young age. First, they learn about pets, by imitating how dogs bark and how cats meow, also the sounds chickens, frogs, and cows make. Then, as they move forward in their education, they start learning about animals habitats, including what they eat, where they live, and the different types of animals there are.

Don’t Go Hungry to Lose Weight, Follow These 5 Tips

Drinking warm water on an empty stomach in the morning will clear the stomach completely, it will make you feel refreshed.

Your mind will be stress free throughout the day. Stomach problems are the cause of many diseases in our body. There are benefits to removing it

Cough is easily relieved by drinking hot water. Taste of tongue, secretion of saliva from glands in throat etc. is improved. Drinking hot water speeds up the digestion of food stored in the stomach due to

improper digestion. Even if the apakva is falling in the stomach, if something is eaten or drunk again, when this happens again and again, the apakav is spread on the inter skin of the stomach. Which causes digestive diseases like indigestion, acidity, anorexia. This causes bad breath that accumulates in the stomach and causes bad breath. Solves such an everyday problem.

Many people complain of loss of appetite. This problem is mostly caused by not cleaning the stomach. If you are not hungry, add salt and pepper powder with lemon juice in hot water and drink it, it will definitely benefit you.

source:: NEWS 18 REPORT

અહીંથી વાંચો ગુજરાતી રિપોર્ટ

Drinking hot water does not cause wrinkles on the face quickly and also maintains the radiance of the face. Drinking warm water can also help prevent your hair from turning white quickly. With its daily use you can also get rid of your growing weight.

(Disclaimer: All information provided in this article is based on general instructions. we does not confirm this. It is important to consult an expert or a doctor before implementing these remedies.)

Reduce calories in this way without going hungry

Increase water intake: According to research published in the National Library of Medicine, drinking about 2 liters of water per day can burn an extra 96 ​​calories. Many researches have proved that water controls your weight.

Eat more protein, it improves digestion: According to research published in PubMed Central, protein increases metabolic rate as well as reduces appetite.

Identify Liquid Calories: The brain cannot easily identify the calories taken in the form of liquid. Soda, juice, chocolate, milk and other sugary drinks provide more calories to the body. Avoid it.

Women need 2,000 calories and men 2600 calories: According to the Food and Drug Administration in the United States, an average active woman aged 26-50 needs 2,000 calories a day to maintain weight. While an average active 26-45 year old man needs about 2600 calories per day.

Here are 5 things you should know about obesity

1. Just gaining weight is not obesity

Consultant Bariatric Surgeon of Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai, Dr. According to Sanjay Borude, obesity can be checked in three ways. The first method measures the weight of fat in the body, muscles, bones and water present in the body. Second Body Mass Index. The third way is to look at the size of the buttocks and waist. This test can tell if you are obese.

2. It is the root of diseases

In general, obesity is the root cause of most diseases. Fat is the cause of diabetes, blood pressure, joint pain and cancer. When fat increases, it increases in every part of the body. Hormones released from fat cause harm. Therefore, every organ of the body is affected by it. For example, pancreatic fat diabetes, kidney fat blood pressure, fat accumulated around the heart are the causes of heart disease.

3. Obesity increases in two ways

Obesity increases for two reasons. The first is genetics i.e. obesity derived from family history. Second, there is increasing obesity due to external causes. For example, eat more foods that are fried or high in calories. Such as, fast and junk food. Obesity is also caused by not burning calories in people who have a sitting job.

4. Understand simple ways to reduce it

Obesity can be easily reduced by walking for 30 minutes every day, climbing stairs, eating light meals at night and doing household chores. This is necessary because it is harmful to the body as well as the brain.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચો

5. Make small changes in diet

Eat sprouted grains for breakfast. That means consume more mugs, chickpeas and soybeans. Doing this increases the amount of nutrients in it in the body. Include seasonal green vegetables in the diet. Avoid high fat milk, butter and cheese.

Your Name Art Wallpaper famous & unique 3D fonts & styles

Your Name Art Wallpaper famous & unique 3D fonts & styles

Your Name Art Wallpaper provide more then 1K famous & unique 3D fonts & styles.

Creative Name Art provide more then 100+ famous and unique 3D fonts and styles and emoji to make your post creative and amazing. Now a day it's very trend to make you unique on different social media platforms new update includes Your Name Art Wallpaper and Name Shadow Art Maker 2021

Write your name using 3D Name Maker app and create artistic style of name for signature. Create 3D Name Text On Photos with Name Art Maker. In This app we have added styles 500+ sticker and emojis.

Using Name Art create amazing and beautiful Name Art Photo Editorwith this app you can decorate and stylize text you write such as your name,your dear name, your father and mother and surname. With Focus and Filter Name Art you can choose so many different emoji like queen,king crowns and more.

Download this amazing Name Art Effect app and make you name and surname post unique and attractive.

Download Application Here

- Create your 3D name Post for insta
- Create Name art design and make your unique post

Convert your Gujarati voice to text and create separate notes.

Convert your Gujarati voice to text and create separate notes.

Gujarati Voice Typing | Gujarati Voice To Text Converter | Gujarati Speech To Text Offline

Don't live like a typist be smart with this app. Just get your voice translated in the text.
The best and easy app for voice to text converter. This app has provided you to create your own notes by voice typing offline app

Now use the easiest method of typing. Stop getting frustrated by regular mobile typing or regular voice typing. Your Phone should understand you, not the other way around. Voice Typing makes mobile typing easy - so you can focus on your text and thoughts - and not on the keyboard.

Features of speech to text:- Simple and easy interface of voice translator
- Copy and paste text any social media app through the audio converter
- Your voice text you can save here. The app will maintain a separate list. That you can edit as well.
- Speech recognizer does not time out
- The font size of voice to text translator is easy to reading
- Easily share in audio to text translator
- Here you will get a full view of voice typing te

Gujarati voice typing keyboard have multiple Key Features :
Text-to-Speech Voice Typing keyboard
Text-to-Speech Voice Typing in Gujarati - Reply to your messages instantly using an application for recording in Gujarati. It converts your voice into text with built-in speech recognition technology.

Gujarati Dictionary Words and Gujarati TranslationEnglish to Gujarati Translator words suggestion and Gujarati keyboard translator. Translate complete paragraph, sentence, or words. Using a Gujarati keyboard translate your words With the English to Gujarati translator feature.

Gujarati Emoji KeyboardEmoji Keyboard with Emoji Creator instantly shares Emojis with your friends. Save Emojis to the emoji gallery using emoji keyboard creator.

Colorful Theme of Quality Gujarati voice typing Keyboard50+ colorful keyboard themes are covering various categories of glitter, nature, cute ones, flowers, etc. Visit our theme layout in Gujarati's colorful keyboard and find your favorites stylish themes. Gujarati Writing App is easy to use and free to download. Gujarati input method keyboard app is fast typing Gujarati app with English.

Free Gujarati voice typing KeyboardThis app is free for unlimited time for every user so that everyone can use It without purchasing anything. All the features of the Gujarati voice typing keyboard are free. Gujarati speech to text: It is the best speech to text keyboard which will convert your Gujarati voice into text easily.

Smart Reply using Gujarati keyboardColorful Gujarati Writing app is an artificial intelligent Gujarati keyboard. It suggests replies based on your conversation context. Smart enough to recognize Gujarati words mistyping provide correction suggestions and make your Gujarati typing easy.

Secure Keyboard - We Respect Your PrivacyGujarati voice typing keyboard is 100% safe because we do not save any keystroke and No need for personal information or any other details are collected in the Gujarati keyboard app. We store anonymous statistics that may be shared to improve your experience.

Fast and accurate Gujarati keyboard appGujarati voice typing Keyboard uses next-generation autocorrect so accurate you can type in Gujarati keyboard. Type faster and save more time for the things you love with a fast Gujarati Typing keyboard.

Reminder(Notes) SetupNo pressure, feel relay. Gujarati Notes app will remind you of everything !! Now there’s no need to remember all those things that you have to do because To Do Reminder will do that for you!


How to Setup Gujarati Voice Typing Keyboard & translate

1. Download and Install!
2. Open App => Gujarati Voice Typing Keyboard.
3. Enable Keyboard => Choose the Gujarati Keyboard
4. Select Keyboard => Choose Gujarati Keyboard.
5. Themes => Select Favorite of your Choice.

Click Here To Download app 1

Click Here To Download app 2

For this app you can search as Gujarati Voice Typing in All Language, Speech to Text Gujarati, Gujarati Smart Voice Typing, Gujarati Speech Note, Gujarati Talk to Text, Gujarati Write SMS By Voice, Gujarati Search by Voice, Gujarati Speak to Easy Write, Gujarati Voice Text Messages, Voice Translator in All Language.

Find out the harms of drinking cold water from the fridge

Find out the harms of drinking cold water from the fridge

Fridge water is artificially cooled to a lower temperature than normal. Drinking it on a daily basis can make your intestines narrow. And gradually the digestion begins to weaken. It does not clear your stomach properly and causes diseases like constipation. If this disease lasts for a long time, many other small and big diseases start happening in your body. Illnesses like abdominal pain, gas, and acidity seem to occur. Constipation can also cause hair loss. And the skin seems to get worse too. If you want to get rid of all these diseases, you have to keep your digestive system well. Potable water helps to keep the digestive system healthy and the stomach clean. People who drink potable water every day. It stays away from stomach ailments.

One more thing, let me tell you that in an interview, the famous singer Lata Mangeshkar said that she has never eaten ice cream since her childhood. The only reason is that ice cream can cause a sore throat because it is cold. Think of someone who hasn't eaten ice cream yet? In short you now understand how much of a problem cold water can be.

Many of these types of damage and various diseases are caused by drinking cold water from the fridge. Stay away from water in the fridge until this happens. And drinking potable water should be kept to a minimum. Potable water cures many diseases of our body.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

Drinking cold fridge water for four consecutive months of summer causes many other kinds of damage to our body. The cold water from the fridge stores fat in the body. Which enhances the body. Cold water from the fridge reduces energy. Which makes our body and mind feel lazy. And no work seems to mind. Our laziness in working also causes our body to grow. If you want to work all day without laziness, you should keep drinking potable water as much as possible and if you want to keep your body healthy, you should stay away from fridge water till it becomes possible.

Our body is accustomed to living in a normal temperature. Which keeps our immune system healthy. So that we can fight the disease. But people who drink fridge water every day tend to have lower body temperature. This weakens his immune system. And his body cannot fight the disease and easily falls ill. People who are on a diet should avoid cold water in particular.

Drinking cold water causes the most damage to the heart. Drinking cold water affects our blood vessels. Which puts more pressure on the heart. This makes it harder for the heart to circulate blood. Excessive pressure can cause the heart to slow down over a long period of time. And can be the victim of a serious illness such as a heart attack. Which sometimes endangers lives. Drinking cold water daily makes the intestines constrict. At the same time, the veins begin to constrict. Which leads to diseases like blood pressure.

Drinking water from the fridge makes your voice a little louder and louder. Drinking water from the fridge makes the throat worse. If we drink water from the fridge in summer, our body temperature changes suddenly. This increases the chances of headaches. Drinking cold water on a daily basis causes accumulation of phlegm in the chest. Which causes illnesses like colds and coughs

જાણો તમારા ગામ નો છેલ્લા પાંચ વર્ષ નો હિસાબ, તમારા ફોનમાં જ

જાણો તમારા ગામ નો છેલ્લા પાંચ વર્ષ નો હિસાબ, તમારા ફોનમાં જ

Panchayats have been directed to prepare Panchayat Development Plan (PDP) for economic development and social justice using the resources available to them. The planning process of the PDP should be based on a comprehensive and participatory process which includes a complete transformation with the plans of all the Union Ministries / Line Departments relating to the 29 subjects included in the Eleventh Schedule of the Constitution. '

Igramswaraj is a mobile phone application that shows the progress of various activities undertaken by Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs).

It has been developed with an emphasis on greater transparency and access to information to the citizens of India.

The Igramswaraj Mobile Application is an application under the e-Panchayat Mission Mode Project (MMP) of the Ministry of Panchayati Raj (MOPR), which acts as a natural extension to the Igramswaraj Web Portal (https://egramswaraj.gov.in/).

About Rashtriya Panchayat Portal

The National Panchayat Portal (NPP) is one of the applications developed as part of the Panchayat Enterprise Suite (PES) under the e-Panchayat Mission Mode project. It is designed to be a multifaceted front of local self-government, facilitating unified access to information and services provided by the local organization.

The NPP is being used to create and maintain dynamic websites for panchayats in the country, including district panchayats, central panchayats, gram panchayats and traditional local bodies. In addition, NPP creates dynamic websites for State Panchayati Raj Departments and Ministry of Panchayati Raj (MOPR). The URL for MOPR is (http: // pan punch.g.g.in) and the URL for accessing NPP is: http: // pan panchayat portals.gov.in.

Gram Panchayat performance report all state and free

Gram Panchayat Work Report Check This App Click Here

This app helps you to see how much work has been done in your village, along with how much land is in your name, they talk to see, we are very helpful in looking at pension, it is very helpful in looking at ration card, this Download the application

Thank you all for doing this, if you like our app, show your love by looking at the app's five star rating, thank you all once again.


Today, Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel held a press conference in Gandhinagar and gave good news for government officials on Diwali. Let us know what he did.

Employees will get bonuses
The remaining amount of inflation allowance will also be deposited
6 months dearness allowance will be received simultaneously

Expensive allowances were not paid to government officials in Gujarat due to the Corona epidemic. When the dearness allowance has not been paid for the last 6 months, the government officials will be paid 3 months dearness allowance on the occasion of Diwali.

ઓફીશીયલ પરિપત્ર જોવા માટે અહિયાં ક્લિક કરો

મોંઘવારી ભથ્થા તફાવત pdf અહિંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો

ગુજરાતી ઓફિસિયલ પ્રેસ નોટ અહિંથી વાંચો

મોંધવારી ભથ્થા જોવા માટે એક્ષેલ ફાઈલ

Many works were halted due to the Corona epidemic. As per the rule of Government of India, 5% allowance will be paid to the employees. 6 months dearness allowance was outstanding, Rs. 464 crore at a cost of 3 months dearness allowance. Class four officers to Rs. 3500 bonus.

[Puzzle Solution] Dimagi Kasrat Koyda Ukel | IQ Test

[Puzzle Solution] Dimagi Kasrat Koyda Ukel | IQ Test

[Puzzle Solution] Dimagi Kasrat Koyda Ukel | IQ Test

[Puzzle Solution] Dimagi Kasrat Koyda Ukel | IQ Test

Puzzle Questions :-

Friends, IAS interview questions are always in the discussion. It is said that any question can be asked from the candidates in the UPSC exam. Candidates break a sweat to pass this exam. So we are showing you some such fun UPSC questions and its answers. UPSC is considered to be a very difficult exam due to which students work hard day and night. In UPSC, not only knowledge but also personality is examined. Students preparing for UPSC can get an idea from these questions on how the answer to a seemingly common question is just as unusual. Stay Connected With GkJobs.in

The greatly outstanding puzzle,online education methods to give students mixture of the only extent learning

Reasonable puzzles - a set of puzzles in one nice method, several games in game. we've settle jointly various cool puzzle tournaments in one game that adopts less area.

The gifted puzzle game is excellent for those who like brain games, brain activity or logic games.

The game assumes small room and so it will exist simple and safe to play even on vulnerable devices.

Puzzle Answer :-

Answer :
Thnk that you are travelling with 10 passengers in A bus . So initially you are 10 + 1(you) passengers in the bus.

Now in 1st stand two passengers are left and 4 comes in the bus.
Show the passenger in the bus after first stand is 11-2+4=13.

Now on second stand. five left the bus and 2 passengers comes into comes in the bus. The passengers in the bus after second stand is 13 - 5 + 2=10

Now in third stand 2 passengers left the bus and 3comes in the bus. Now pessenger in the bus after third stand is 10-2+3=11.

So the answer is 11 passengers left in the bus is 11

શું તમને પણ થાય છે જમ્યા પછી ગેસની સમસ્યા, તો કરો આ 5 ઉપાય, મળશે રાહત..

શું તમને પણ થાય છે જમ્યા પછી ગેસની સમસ્યા, તો કરો આ 5 ઉપાય, મળશે રાહત..

ખાધા પછી ગેસ અને એસિડિટી ની સમસ્યા ઘણા લોકો ને થતી હોય છે. કેટલાક લોકોને ભારે નાસ્તો કર્યા પછી આ સમસ્યા થાય છે, અન્ય લોકો ખાધા પછી થાય છે. આવી સ્થિતિમાં, દર વખતે એસિડિટીની અને ગેસની દવાઓ લેવી તમારા પેટની મુશ્કેલીમાં વધારો કરી શકે છે. આજે અમે તમને ગેસની સમસ્યાથી છૂટકારો મેળવવાનો એક સહેલો અને ઝડપી રસ્તો જણાવીશું, જેનો તમે કોઈપણ સમયે ઉપયોગ કરી શકો છો. આ પગલાઓની વિશેષ વાત એ છે કે તમે તેમને કરવામાં વધારે સમય લાગશે નહીં અને તે તમને ગેસથી રાહત પણ આપશે. તેથી, ચાલો અમે તમને જણાવી દઈએ કે કયા છે આ ગેસ ના ઉપાય.
ઢીલા કપડાં પહેરો અને સીધા ઉભા રહો.

ગેસ ખાધા પછી થાય છે અને જ્યારે તમારા પેટની સામગ્રી તમારા અન્નનળીમાં જાય છે અને તમને એસિડિટી થાય છે. આવી સ્થિતિમાં તમારે પહેલા સીધા ઉભા રહેવાનો પ્રયાસ કરવો જોઈએ. આ એટલા માટે છે કારણ કે ઉભા રહેવાથી તમારા નીચલા અન્નનળી સ્ફિંક્ટર પર ઓછું દબાણ આવે છે, જે તમારા અન્નનળીમાં બળતરા અને એસિડિટીને ઘટાડે છે. તમારું અન્નનળી સ્ફિંક્ટર સ્નાયુઓનો એક અવાજ છે જે પેટની એસિડને તમારા અન્નનળીમાં વધતા અટકાવે છે. આ સિવાય, તમે ગેસના નિર્માણ પર ત્વરિત રાહત મેળવવા માટે તમારા કપડાં પણ ઢીલા પહેરી શકો છો, જે તમને સારું લાગે છે.
સૂવાના સમયે ઓશીકું ઊંચું રાખો.

જો તમને ગેસ થઈ ગયો છે અને તમારે સૂઈ જવું છે, તો ગેસથી રાહત મેળવવાનો સૌથી સહેલો રસ્તો તમારા ઓશીકાને યોગ્ય રીતે સેટ કરવું જોઈએ. આ માટે સૂતા સમયે માથું થોડો સમય શરીરના બાકીના ભાગની ઉપર રાખો. આ તમારા એસિડિક પિત્તનો રસ તમારા ગળામાં એસોફેજલ સ્ફિંક્ટર દ્વારા પહોંચતા અટકાવશે, જે તમને સુવા માં સારૂ રાખશે.
હિંગ ખાઓ..

હીંગને સુપાચ્ય ગણવામાં આવે છે. જો તમને ખાધા પછી ગેસની તકલીફ હોય તો એક ચમચી હીંગ મેળવી તેમાં થોડું કાળું મીઠું નાખીને ખાઈ લો. તેનાથી ગેસ અને અપચોની સમસ્યાઓ ઓછી થશે. તેમજ ખાધા પછી હીંગ શેક્યા પછી ગોળ સાથે ખાવાથી પણ ગેસની સમસ્યા ક્યારેય થતી નથી. આ કારણ છે કે હીંગમાં વિટામિન સી તેમજ એન્ટીઓકિસડન્ટ અને બળતરા વિરોધી ગુણધર્મો હોય છે જે ખોરાકને યોગ્ય રીતે પચાવે છે અને એસિડિટી અને પેટમાં દુખાવો દૂર કરવામાં મદદ કરે છે.
ઈલાયચી ચાવવી

તમે ખાધા પછી ઇલાયચી ચાવવાથી ગેસની સમસ્યાથી સંપૂર્ણપણે છુટકારો મેળવી શકો છો. ઈલાયચી પેટમાં ગેસ અને એસિડિટીથી રાહત આપે છે. ઈલાયચીના અર્ક, ટ્રાઇગ્લાઇસેરાઇડમાં હાજર એન્ઝાઇમ, કોલેસ્ટ્રોલનું સ્તર ઘટાડે છે, જે પાચક તંત્રને સુધારે છે અને તમને હૃદય સંબંધિત રોગોથી સુરક્ષિત રાખે છે. અહીં ઇલાયચી મૂડ બૂસ્ટર પણ છે, જે તમારા મૂડને સુધારે છે અને ઉબકા વગેરેની મુશ્કેલીથી બચાવે છે.
સુગર ફ્રી ચિંગમ ચાવો..

તમારા મોંમાંથી નીકળતી લાળ એસિડને પાતળા કરવામાં મદદ કરે છે અને એસિડિટી ઘટાડે છે. તેથી, જમ્યા પછી મો માં લાળની માત્રા વધારવા માટે, તમે ચિંગમ ચાવી શકો છો. પણ આ એસિડ રિફ્લક્સ એટલે કે તેથી, આ ઘરેલું ઉપાયો છે જેની મદદથી તમે ગેસની સમસ્યાઓથી તરત જ છૂટકારો મેળવી શકો છો. પરંતુ જો તમને તીવ્ર એસિડિટી હોય અથવા આ સમસ્યા સતત રહે છે, તો પછી આ સમસ્યાથી છૂટકારો મેળવવા માટે તમારે ડૉક્ટર સાથે વાત કરીને તેની સારવાર કરાવવી જોઈએ.

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