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Thursday, February 17, 2022

How to make a come back from anywhere at any stage in your life

Hi friends 

here I am going to show you how you can come out of any trauma and come back from anywhere you are,

you can come out of any stage in your life if you follow these questions and keep engaging yourself in finding the answers truly. These questions will show you clarity and make your mind take action.

that truly gets you on track.

1. What do you really want in your life?

in the reality of life, we exactly do not know or understand what we want in our life. so we get stuck in the current. current situation of life takes control of our life and all our actions. we go with the flow of life and never find the purpose of life. hence we live a mediocre life that is far away from our dream life.

so wherever you are, what condition you are in, ask yourself first what do you really want to accomplish so at the end of life you can get proud of yourself. 

2. when do you want what you want?

the next question you must ask yourself that when do you want and what is your deadline.

you see if you don't have a deadline for any goal, it will never get first write down all your goals and dreams on paper or a diary and give them all a deadline so it will you thrust to take action.

3. how will you know that you will have it?

Now next point is when will you feel that you have got your dreams, your goal must have some physical appearance or evidence that you have achieved your goal. what conditions of your life will change so you can say to yourself that you are getting something.

your physical, emotional relational and financial conditions must have evidence of your changes.

4.when you get it, how will your life change?

now start visualizing a clear picture that what changes you get in your life when you get what you want. Write about which area of your life will uplift. what level of physical vitality will you get at a certain level of life? How will you get emotional balance in your life? How will you get financial stability and freedom after this certain time? These Quality questions lead you towards a quality life.

5. what are the resources you have right now?

You must count what is the resource you have in your life right now. Most of the time we are complaining about what we don’t have or what scarcity we have in our life. It is not a matter at all what we have but it matters a lot what we do with what we have with us. Count your resource and be grateful for that. Think about what you can do what you have right now. Don’t wait to all the situations will be in favor. Don’t wait for the good conditions in your life. Start whatever you have and wherever you are. Your massive action will make a way for your life.

6. what are the resources you need to acquire?

Now to accomplish your dreams and goal, you have some of the skills and resources already with you but in some of them you need to develop the skills and you need to acquire the resource to fulfill your dreams. Develop the skill that makes you strong. That makes you take action. Remember in your life 80% mindset and 20% skills matter to achieve your dreams.

7. How can you best utilize the resource that makes you move?

Now you need to make a proper strategy that works for you with the best use of these resources and skills. Friends your strategy is the recipe for your success. Proper planning will help you to use your best resources and give your passion and your beliefs will work for you.

8. What and How should I start first to get what I want?

People always think about the right situations and conditions in their favor but no conditions and situations are in your favor. It may people also support you. You need to take massive action to change your life and start with all you have and where you are.

That makes your dreams into reality. You can come out of any bad depression or stressed conditions.

Thanks for reading this blog. Keep reading another article to change your life



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