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Monday, January 24, 2022

how to claim motor accident insurance without lawyer in India

how to claim motor accident insurance without lawyer in India

How to law Auto Insurance After Meeting an chance in India?  


 Insurance Claims Reuse Browse our step by step companion on auto insurance claim process in India.

 What's an Insurance Claim? 


 An insurance claim is an sanctioned request that a policyholder makes to the insurance company for the compensation of the damage incurred by them. The compensation is handed as per the content guaranteed to the policyholder by the insurance company under the insurance agreement. 

An insurance claim can be made in 2 ways-in a cashless manner and in a payment manner. In case of auto insurance, when a policyholder gets their auto repaired at a mate garage of the insurance company, also the claim is settled in a cashless manner as the insurance company pays directly for the incurred form charges to the garage. 

 Still, if the policyholder gets their auto repaired at a garage which isn't a part of the insurance company's request, also the policyholder needs to make the payment of the form charges themselves to the garage and the same is latterly refunded to the policyholder by the insurance provider, subject to the sum ensured. 


 Auto Insurance Claim Procedure- Driving a auto on the road lets you travel country miles, but it requires the motorist to be responsible. Despite being conservative mishaps can be at any point in time on the road.  To claim all the benefits of an insurance company, you need to communicate your insurance agent or company incontinent. 

 Please note, that you can claim benefits for damages and other causes depending upon the nature and content of your auto insurance policy. 

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 Documents Needed To Reuse Auto Insurance Claim 


 The auto insurance claim agreement process requires the policyholder to submit certain documents in order to validate and accept the claim auto insurance. You need to fulfil the insurance claim document along with the submission of the required documents. These are the following documents needed in the claim agreement process. 

 Copy of the insurance policy 


 First Information detail (FIR) filed with the police station 

 Copy of the motorist's license 

 Copy of the embroilment instrument of the auto 

 Fresh documents in case of payment claim 

 A brief estimate of the repairs 

Medical report in case of physical injuries 

 Original records of other charges 

 6 Easy Way For Making Auto Insurance Claim After an Accident 


 How to claim auto insurance? To get the maximum benefits from your auto insurance policy, inform about the accident and the intensity of the damage incontinent to your auto insurance company and of course, to the police. 

 Still, they will repay the quantum after examining your vehicle or other aspects, If your insurance company finds your claim to be genuine. Then are some way to help you claim for your damages successfully-

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 Step 1 Inform The Insurance Company 


 Call your auto insurance company incontinent and insinuate them about the incident in the first place. As the timeline is confined, within the seven working days, you need to inform the insurer regarding the accident, failing which your claim agreement period is considered lapsed. To raise a claim, you need to submit vital documents like soft-copies of your driving license, auto enrolment instrument, FIR along with the first two runners of your insurance policy. You might also require a detailed letter addressed to the Road Transport Office (RTO). 

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 Step 2  Lodge An FIR In The nearby Police Station 



 Inform the police and train an FIR as this is a obligatory step in the auto claim agreement process in events like theft, fire, or road accident, including the third party damage. The FIR can be avoided in situations where there are dents and scrapes on the vehicle. It's a must when there's any physical injury or third party accidents. The police will visit the spot to identify the faults and make a clear distinction of whether the accident happed due to mechanical failure or not. It'll also record all the essential details of the motorist, the vehicle, passengers, and substantiations or other aspects in the FIR. 

 Also, you need to file a case to the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal having governance area where the accident happed between you and the third party. It's only needed when a third party is involved in an accident. 

 Step 3 Capture Photos As Valid Evidence 


Some people prefer to do with a payment claim. In these type of cases landing the scene of the events with a snap can be helpful. You can snap a many film-land of the accident which involve your auto damages, fleshly injuries etc., and serve as valid evidence during claim agreement. Either, you can note down the name, contact number of your substantiations, third party (if any involved) so that it can help you in the entire procedure. 

 Step 4  give in All The Documents To The Insurer 




 The coming step after the FIR is to do towards claim agreement. It can only be initiated once you submit all the pivotal document to the insurance company. Make sure to submit all the clones of documents like driving licence, auto enrolment instrument, FIR, and other required information. 

Step 5 Ask The Insurance Company To Shoot A Surveyor 



 Train a claim from your insurance company and ask them to assign you with a surveyor, to begin with, a thorough examination process. You can also raise the claim online by visiting the website or other web doors of the insurance company if they give any similar installation. In case of a cashless claim agreement, a representative will be transferred by the insurance folks who'll try to makes all the significant damage that has been incurred to your auto. He'll help with the right network of the garage where your auto can presumably be hauled down.

 Towing by the insurance company will be done to insure that there are no farther damages on the vehicle. The check generally takes places within one-two working day of the auto insurance claim suggestion. 

 Step 6 Auto Repairs 



 Get you auto repaired and initiate the claim process. The claim agreement can be done in two processes. However, also they don't bear to bear the burden of repairing cost, If someone prefers a cashless claim. In similar cases, it's recommended to take the vehicle in the list of network garages specified by the insurance company.  

 On the other hand, if someone proceeds with payment claim, he/ she needs to pay from his own fund for all the damages. In this case, he must submit original bills, bills, medical reports, photos,etc.to the insurance company. The insurer will repay all the form quantum after abating all the deductibles. Then the policyholder can repair his auto at the preferred garage. 

After it finds your claim to be genuine, your auto insurance company will repay the quantum as per the terms and conditions mentioned in your insurance cover. The quantum to be refunded and the events to be covered would also depend on the type of auto insurance policy you hold. The third- party insurance is obligatory in India according to the Motor Tariff Act 2002, and it'll only dodge the cost of damages owing to the involvement of a third party. The comprehensive auto policy gives a broader content under a single marquee, and you can also enhance it further with extended add-ons. 

 The process of claim agreement can be a little complicated, and thus, it's suggested that policyholders should read the policy documents precisely, that the insurance company sends. All eliminations and rejections reports will be handed in detail. A third opinion from a counsel can also be taken in this regard. 

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 Points to  recollect  After A Car Accident to Raise A Claim 


 No matter how important you know about the claim process of your insurance company. Some points are pivotal after an accident or a mishap to keep in mind that ensures a hassle-free claim agreement process for you. Then are some points which you should remember after a auto accident to make a successful claim 

 Contingently check yourself and your auto after an accident to confirm and determine whether any major fleshly injuries or damage is sustained by you or the insured auto. Grounded on the position of damage or injury, you can call for medical backing or any other support. 

 Raise the claim for damage within a quested time set by your insurance provider, which is generally within 24 hours of the accident. 

 Try to note down the enrolment number of the auto, make, model and variant of the auto, and/ or colour of the auto that's involved in the collision or accident to catch the malefactor or raise the claim in a better and successful manner. 

In case you find that accidental damage caused to the insured auto is minor, in such a case, you can avoid raising a claim to secure your no claim perk. You should assess this type of situation at the foremost and take immediate action consequently. 

 You shouldn't get involved in any type of brawl after the accident with a third party person. Doing so can produce gratuitous trouble for you in the future. 

 Don't make any statement or partake any information with the police or your insurance company if you aren't sure about it or unless you aren't verified about your coming way. 

 Move your insured auto down from the spot of the accident spot to get it repaired or for any affiliated purpose only after getting authorisation from the police and your insurance provider. 

 Keep all the needed documents handy as you may have to submit several documents before the insurance company for the agreement of the claim with the properly filled and inked claim form. You may also need to produce some documents before the surveyor during the examination of your auto. 

 Still, in such a case, you can take your auto to a network garage for form where you can get it repaired without paying anything from your fund, If your insurance company provides the cashless claim installation. In similar situations, the garage will be paid for directly by your insurer. 



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