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Saturday, January 22, 2022

how to check name in 7/12 any ROR online

Any ROR Check Gujarat Land Records 7/12 (Satbara Utara) Online 

 Any ROR is an sanctioned website to check land records in Gujarat online, launched by the Revenue Department of Gujarat one- Dhara. The full form of AnyROR is'Any Records of Rights Anywhere in Gujarat'. You can check Gujarat Land Records 7/12 (Satbara Utara) and 8A at https// You can also gain ROR, land record instrument (Jantri),etc. from the website. 

 Any ROR Any where portal is used for digitizing all touch dow n  records in Gujarat. The ideal of this gate is to help citizens of Gujarat to cost land information similar as squatter details, land area, and type, etc. AnyROR website also aims at maintaining translucency and protects the rights of the squatter. This portal not only helps the stoner to pierce land records online but also update crop loan details or subventions or getting an electrical connection as and when it's needed. 

 So if you want to view Gujarat land records 7/12 Satbara Utara or 8 A information, follow the way given below to check Any ROR Gujarat 7/12 land records online. 

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 Any ROR How to Check Gujarat Land Records 7/12 Online 

 1. Login to Any ROR website  anyror-gujarat 

 2. Out of the 3 options handed – Land Record Rural, Land Record Urban and Property Search, elect one as per your hunt criteria 

.3. You'll be diverted to the coming runner that provides a drop-down with options similar as-

 1. Old Scrutinized Vf-7/12 Details 

 2. Know Khata By Owner Name 

 3. 135-D Notice For Mutation 

 4. Old Scrutinized Vf-6 Entry Details 

 5. Entry List By Month-Year 

 6. Vf-7 Survey No Details 

 7. Vf-8a Khata Details 

 8. Vf-6 Entry Details 

 9. New Survey No From 

 10. Old For Announced Village 

 11. ntegrated Survey No Details 

 12. Profit Case Details 

 4. Elect one option as per your hunt criteria and fill all the needed detailsgujarat- land- record 

 5. Click on Record Details to get the required information 

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 Benefits of AnyROR Anywhere Gujarat 

 1. Protects power rights of the land 

 2 Bank loans are fluently available 

 3. In case of land controversies and actions acts as an important document in determining the power 

 4. Is a vital document while dealing the land and this helps the buyer tocross-check land details 

 5. The operation is free of cost and consumes lower time to check records 

 6. Types of land records in Gujarat 

 7. The gate provides government vindicated forms to maintain and streamlined land records online. The types of land records are-

 8. VF 6 (Village Form 6) – The day to day changes in land record is maintained by the Village Accountant or Talati is attained by VF 6 

 9. VF 7 (Village Form 7) – It's also known as7/12 or Satbara Utara. The check number is attained from VF 7. 

 10. VF 8A ( Vill Form 8A) – It provides khata details 

 11. 135 D – It's a Notice to Mutation. When a person put in for mutation, the Village Accountant issues 135 D. 

 Services offered on AnyROR Gujarat Portal 

 Any ROR Gujarat provides the below services 

 1. Rural Land Records 

 2. Urban Land Records 

 3. Property hunt 

 4. Online operation to gain authorisation to buy land, to pay decoration, and so on 

. How to check Pastoral land records in Gujarat? 

 Follow the below way to gain pastoral land records-

 1. Login to Any ROR website 

 pastoral- land- records-online 

 2. On the home runner click on “ View Land Record-Rural” 

 3. You'll be diverted to the below runner 

 pastoral- land- records-online1 

 4. Elect any of the below- mentioned options from “ Elect Any One”  

 Old Scanned Vf-7/12 Details 

 Know Khata By Owner Name 

 135-D Notice For Mutation 

 Old Scrutinized Vf-6 Entry Details 

 Entry List By Month-Year 

 Vf-7 Check No Details 

 Vf-8a Khata Details 

 Vf-6 Entry Details 

 New Survey No From 

 Old For Announced Village 

 Integrated Survey No Details 

 Revenue Case Details 

 5. Elect the District, Taluka, Village and enter the captcha 

.6. Click on Get Record Details 

 How to check Civic land records in Gujarat? 

 Steps to gain civic land records-

 1. Login to Any ROR website 

 civic- land- records-online 

 2. On the home runner click on “ View Land Record-Urban” 

 3. You'll be diverted to the below runner 

 Civic- land- records- online1 

 4. Elect any of the below- mentioned options from “ Elect Any One” 

 Survey Number Details

 Nondh Number Details 

 135-D Notice details 

 Know check number by proprietor name 

 Entry list by month- time ( details of notes by time and month) 

 Know check number details by UPIN 

 5. Elect the District, City Survey Office, Ward, Survey Number and Distance Number 

.6. Enter the captcha and click on Get Record Details 

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 How to check AnyROR Gujarat land records via Property Hunt? 
 Steps to gain land records through Property Search-

 1. Login to Any ROR website 

 land- records-via- property- hunt 

 2. On the home runner click on “ Property Search” 

 3. You'll be diverted to the below runner 

 land- records-via- property-search1 

 4. Elect any of the below- mentioned options from “ Elect Any One” 

  •  Property Wise 
  •  Name Wise 

 Document number- time wise 

 5. Elect the District,Sub-Registrar Office, Index-2 Village, Property/ Land Type, Search Type, TP/ Survey/ Value Zone, Applicant Name, Mobile Number, and Dispatch ID 

.6. Enter the verification law transferred to your mobile number 

 7. Click on CERSAI SEARCH to gain the documents 

 How to apply Online Operations on AnyROR Gujarat? 

 You can gain an online operation to get authorisation to buy land, authorisation to pay decoration, operation related to title deed, operation related to mega-city check office, operation related to land check, carrying non – agrarian authorisation, non – civilisation authorisation with non – civilisation decoration, and to gain a instrument of honest artificial purpose. 

 To apply for warrants online follow the below way 

 1. over take Any ROR website and click on Online Application (IORA) 


 2. You'll be diverted to the below runner 


 3. Fill in the details like Purpose of Operation, Operation Type, Applicant’s Mobile Number, Applicant’s Dispatch Id, and enter the captcha for New Application .

4. Enter the OTP, corroborate it and submit the operation 



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