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Thursday, January 20, 2022

A useful application to find out how much your mobile screen damage your eyes

  Eye- Related Apps 


 On this runner we list apps for Android bias, as well as for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Some apps are free, while others bring a small quantum. We have not tried them all, so we recommend that you read the stoner reviews before you download. 

 We will be adding further from time to time, so please visit again! 

. Vision Aids & Tests           

Eye Xam. 


 The free Eye Xam app for iPhone or iPod Touch lets you test your vision against the 20/20 standard and also includes tests for colour perception, presbyopia and eye dominance. 

 Amsler Grid App. 


 This app can help you test and cover vision changes related to macular degeneration or other deformation in your vision field performing from damage to the macula. 

 Big Timepiece HD. 


 Need a really big timepiece? This app show the time on your iPhone or iPad. It also exhibit the date in the region format and language that your device is set to. 

 Bigger Timepiece. 


 This is analogous to Big Timepiece HD, but it also has a programmable timekeeper- grounded alarm. 

Eye C Best. 


 This web cyber surfer extension increases the readability of websites and is completely customizable. The stoner can change the fountain, size and boldness of any website textbook with just one click. 

 Giant Timepiece. The display is customizable, so you can change the textbook and background colours as asked. 

 Magnifying Glass. 


 Just launch the program and point your phone to the object you're viewing, and this will magnify it. The operation has a light as well, which activates only if your phone or tablet has a flash. It can also inundate- frame what you are viewing, so you do not have to keep holding the device steady while you read. 

 Magnifying Glass With Light. Important like the Magnifying Glass app for Android phones, this bone for Apple bias is veritably handy. Great for magnifying small fountain on menus, drug bottles, bills and further, the app also has an malleable flashlight option and image prisoner. 

 Visual Impairment & Blindness 


 Be My Eyes. Help eyeless people with important, everyday tasks like reading markers, bills and those really-hard-to- see product expiration dates. You can be a coadjutor or subscribe up to be supported if you're vision impaired. However, you will admit live audio- videotape requests from people who need backing, If you are a coadjutor. Do not worry if you can not take a request — the app will move on to another available coadjutor in the network. 

Braille Tutor. 


 The inventor says this is a delightful way to learn both contracted and uncontracted Unified English Braille ( grades 1 and 2). You can indeed contend in time trials against your musketeers. 

 Braille Writer. 


 This app translates your textbook into Braille and is a great tool for literacy or teac 

Nant Mobile Money Reader. 


 For the eyeless or visually bloodied, this app uses the iPhone's camera to fete currency, telling you the denotation in real time, without the need for an Internet connection. It helps make sure you are paying the proper quantum at the register and can also check that you admit the right quantum of change. Last time we checked, the app help 21 currencies. English, Spanish, Mandarin, French, Italian, German, Russian, Japanese and several other languages are available for the voice-over point. 

 Pocket Braille. 


 You can learn Braille with this, including the ABC, figures, condensation and one-and two- cell word signs. 

Pricing & Memorial Apps 


 Contact Lens Tracker. 


 This is a contact lens relief app that helps you keep track of expiration and relief dates for contact lenses. It seems simple and straightforward, and the main screen has a veritably large fountain, which can help with readability if you have not put your new lenses in yet. 

 My Therapy Drug Memorial & Pill Tracker. 


This handy memorial for intermittent events can help you keep on top of your glaucoma drug boluses, tradition eye drops for dry eyes and other specifics you take throughout the day. You can also publish health reports to bandy at your coming cracker's appointment. 

 Lozenge Memorial by Medi Safe. 


 This is another drug memorial that works for eye drops, glaucoma medicine boluses and other drugs you are taking. It also educates you on your drug (s) and condition (s). Take the time to read the full description of this app, to avoid conflicts with other admonitions you may have set on your smartphone. 

 Polaroid UV. 


During bright days, UV light can reflect off beach, water or snow and beget serious damage to your eyes. This app from Polaroid Eye wear cautions you of the UV indicator in your current area — reminding you to make sure you and your family members are wearing sunglasses. 



 At WeRx. com you can compare prices charged at original apothecaries for your specified specifics, so you will noway be stuck with paying the loftiest price again. This app is the mobile interpretation, so you can check prices from anywhere — your cracker's office, while travailing or shopping, etc. You just enter your drug and your mendacity or zip law. The app as well offers instant savings on your mobile device. 

 Optical Visions & Fun 


iTint. This app measures how important visible light can pass through a transparent object. This is useful for sun glass shopping, because it helps you figure out whether a shade is too dark or too light for you. You can also make sure the tinted windows of your vehicle are legal in the state where you are located. The app includes U.S. state shade laws for automotive glass, for your reference. 

 Optic Visions. 


 This is a collection of 98 different optic visions, with a description of each one. You can also telegraph them to musketeers and partake them on Facebook. 

colour Vision Deficiency 


colour Blind Pal.


 Touch a tip in a picture, and the app will show the colour name of that point. It also simulates colour  blindness so people with normal vision can see what it's like to be colour eyeless. Not only does it tell you what the colour names are, but this app has a colour Inspector that describes the colour to help those who are colour eyeless. 

 colour Blind Helper. 


 This app identifies colours for people with colour scarcities. You take a print of an object or scene, also touch a point in the picture, and the app will display the colour name, RGB composition or hexadecimal law of the point you touched. The database had about colour names when we last checked. 

colour DeBlind. 


 This app is for human beings who are colour deficient, as well as those who would like to see how colour deficient people see the world. It uses the plates processor within your device to run advanced colour manipulation algorithms, to help people distinguish colours more. 



 This app is helpful for colour scarcities. It makes certain colours in a print taken by the camera (or saved in the print reader) lustrously or darker, grounded on your criteria. For illustration, if you have trouble distinguishing between red and green, Visolve can make the redder colours lustrously. Or it'll darken all colours except the colour you specify. Other options include drawing different door patterns on certain colours and adding achromatic of all the colours in the image. 

Cosmetic & Try-On Apps 


 Air Opt ix colour -colour Studio. This operation from Al con allows you to nearly try on colourful Air Optic colour contact lenses. You can upload your own print or use a model print to see the different colours. You can also put in makeup to eyes, lips and face. 

 Eye colour Booth. 


 This photography app lets you change the eye colour in a print, to produce fun, crazy or cultural goods. You can indeed change the eye colour to rainbow or just see what you'd look like with a new eye colour. One of the fun features is the capability to colour the eyes, also render the rest of the print in black and white. 

Eye colour Studio. 


 Still, or indeed theatrical contact lenses, this is a great app to try, If you are allowing about getting multicoloured connections. You upload your print, also click on different eye colours and goods to" try them on."

 Make Up. 


 This app provides a virtual makeover. The Android interpretation lets you colourful tones of eye makeup, as well as foundation, colour and camo, to your snap. The ahead-and-after print point is delightful, too. The streamlined interpretation for Apple bias is different — it applies pollutants to your live videotape, which you can save as a videotape or as a still print. 

 Quit- Smoking Apps 


 Quit Now! This app provides great provocation for quitting smoking. It keeps track of when the last time was that you smoked, how numerous cigarettes you have avoided and how important plutocrat you have saved by quitting. 

 Quit Smoking Now with Max Kirsten. 


 Smoking is a threat factor for age- related macular degeneration, which can destroy your vision. And if you have dry eyes, also smoking will just irritate them more. Consider this app that adapts Max Kirsten's well- known smoking conclusion program for Apple bias. There are numerous styles for quitting smoking, so read the description before you buy and decide if this bone could help you. 

Vision Development 


 Bee Line Reader. 


 This app may help you grow your reading speed on the iPhone and iPad. It uses colour slants to shade the sources in a book, composition or other textbook to help draw your eye forward and reduce the chance of skipping lines or repeat- reading. The inventors say that it could indeed help people with ADD, dyslexia or vision impairments, and they offer a reading challenge on their website so you can see if your reading speed really does increase. A desktop cyber surfer extension and PDF anthology are also available. 



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