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Thursday, September 23, 2021



If you also want to know the details of SIM card owner then this article is for you, after reading this article you will be able to learn the details of any company in full.

You can know all this information about any company's SIM card, for this you first need to know the number of that SIM card, only when we know its number, we will be able to find out the rest of its details.

First we will learn to know the SIM card number of almost all the companies in the first stage, then in the second stage we will learn to know the details of any SIM card, because when we have the SIM number we will be able to see its full details.

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How to know the SIM card number of any company?

The first and easiest way to find the number of any SIM is that you put it in your mobile and call in another mobile phone, then the number of this SIM card will be seen on the phone automatically.

But often the SIM card we have is not recharged so we can't make a call and we can't recharge that number, so now we are going to tell you another way to know the SIM card number.


How to know Jio SIM card number?

To know the details of Jio SIM card owner, if you call 1299 from your same SIM, your SIM number can be known.

How to know Airtel SIM card number?

To know the number of Airtel SIM card, if it has a balance in the SIM, then you can know your number by calling 198 and if there is no balance you can dial from your mobile * 282 # and that SIM number will be on your mobile. Will appear on the screen.

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If your Airtel SIM is temporarily down due to lack of balance, then you can call Customer Care from any of your Airtel numbers and let them know the basic information about the closed SIM.

How to know IDEA SIM card number?

With Idea SIM you can dial * 131 * 1 # from your mobile and the mobile number of that SIM will be displayed on your mobile screen.

How to know BSNL SIM card number?

You can dial from your BSNL mobile phone * 222 # # You will dial that number in your smartphone or phone with normal keypad that your SIM number will immediately appear on your mobile screen.

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So these were some of the big telecom companies in India, whose information we can know about SIM numbers. Now we will know how to know the details of the SIM card owner.

SIM card information by mobile number

We have learned to know the SIM card numbers of all the above companies, to know the SIM card owner details of the same companies, i.e., in whose name the SIM is, get information about it.

How to get Jio SIM card number details

If you have a jio sim card and you want to get full details related to that sim, then you have to recharge for data in jio sim and then go to jeep store in your mobile and download my jio app.


Keep in mind that you must have a SIM in the same mobile in which you are downloading My Geo application, the details of which you want to know.

When you open my Geo app after downloading it, it will ask you for some permission. You will allow it and then you will be asked to enter your Geo number, after entering the Geo number, click Generate OTP below.

When you click on Generate OTP, an OTP will come to your same number and if you have given permission to read the message on this application, it will automatically take OTP and you can come to the home page of this application.

And if you were not allowed to read the message on this application, you have to manually go to the message box via OTP and put it here and click submit and then you can come to the home page of this application.

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Now on Triple DS, click here at the top left and from the left, many options will start appearing, at the top of which your Geo number or name will appear.

How to know the name of the SIM?

Now in the picture shown above you have to click on Edit Profile and by clicking on the details of the SIM card owner the date of birth, registered mobile number, email id and address at the bottom will be shown.

All the details are shown here, all the details will be the details of the given document while taking the SIM and the number of this SIM card will appear in the profile at the top.

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With the help of My Geo application, you can also check the details of all the calls made from this limit and recharge your number, in addition to see the details of your active plan.

How to know Airtel SIM card details

To find out the details of Airtel SIM card owner, you can go to Play Store on your mobile and download My Airtel app and when you open it, it will ask for some permission from your device, which should be allowed.

Once allowed you enter your Airtel mobile number here and then click on the request OTP below and then allow this application to read the message from your device.

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As soon as you give permission, you will come to another page, now it will automatically detect the OTP on that mobile number and then you click it go down and it will come to the home page of this application.

Now here, you will click on the triple dash on the top left and then click on my profile and all the details of this mobile number will appear in front of you.

You can get more services like your mobile recharge, DTH recharge, bill pay etc. with the help of this application.

How to view BSNL SIM card details?

First, download the BSNL application to your mobile, when you download and open it, you will be asked to accept their terms on your mobile screen, then click Accept above.

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On clicking accept, you will come to another page, now here you enter BSNL mobile number and click on Get OTP and after submitting OTP you will be able to come to home page in this app.

You will now click on the triple dash at the top left of the profile and you will be able to see all the details of this SIM card. You can easily recharge your mobile through this app.

How to know IDEA / VODAFONE SIM card details

Idea and Vodafone have merged together, they have become a company called V, you download the VIP app from the Play Store, then open it and the process of registering the Airtel and Geo app will apply here as mentioned above.

And you will be able to see the details of your Idea or Vodafone SIM card owner, i.e. know how the SIM is in his name. With this application you can recharge your Idea or Vodafone SIM and check the status of active recharge plan in advance.

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If you find a SIM card lying somewhere along the way, submit it to the nearest police station. By the above mentioned methods, you should only check your SIM card or your family's SIM card details, do not misuse it.

So we learned here, how to check the details of the owner of the SIM card, i.e. in whose name the SIM is, how to find out that if you are having any problem in running this application, then you can talk to the customer care of that telecom company by phone Would.



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