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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

ब्लॉगर क्या है इससे पैसा कैसे कमाए | what is blogger how to earn money from it

 In simple language, blogger is such a platform where you can earn money by writing content, it is not so easy to earn money from it!

 what is blogger how to earn money from it

 Blogger is a plate form of Google itself where you can work here without hosting and without buying a domain.

 What is a domain - Domain is a name or if it is said, then the address of your website so that no one else can create such a website again, you get it for free in Blogger!

 What is Hosting - Hosting is a one-way server that keeps your data in its own server and whenever someone visits your post, it shows them that data in a few secounts, in blogger, you also get it for free.  !

 How to work on Blogger -

 First of all, you have to choose your niche, after that you will have to do keyword research on it and publish it by writing a big post of 1000-4000 words and you will have to do this for 4-5 months if you have done it with hard work.  You can easily earn money from it!

 What is Nish - Nish is what you want to work on, for example I like to write on games or on technology, then it is my wish, I have to work on that, if I work on new niches everyday, then maybe  I don't get success!

 What is Keyword research - You yourself are currently running IPL in simple language, I write on google the score of the team that is playing in IPL, then the results I will see, those people have worked on this keyword, just like you on your keyword  can work!

 How to earn money from blogger -

 Before earning money from Blogger, you have to work hard, after that you can earn money from it, if you talk about its methods, then you can earn money in many ways, but the 2 popular ways are Advertising and Affilate People millions of crores of rupees from them.  Monthly earnings are rhe!

 What is Advertising - Big companies give their ads to a platform so that they can be promoted like people put posters in offline, in the same way online people show their ads if you want to place ads on your site then you go with Google Adsense  can!

 What is Affiliate - You must have seen that big companies from where you buy some things like amazon filipcard and other companies give commisoin to sell their product, you can put that product on your site and write its review and earn money from it.  There is ager you buy from there!



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