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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Important Circular about teachers Home Quarantine period as on duty 14/10/2020

 Important Circular about teachers Home Quarantine period as on duty 14/10/2020

 A proposal has been made to the Government from the Director of Primary Education to consider the home quarantine period of the teachers as on duty.

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At present, as per the guideline of Gujarat government, the attendance of teachers in the primary schools of Gujarat is as per rotation. Each teacher has to perform duty in rotation according to 50%. And home learning activities are done accordingly.

As per the guidelines of Gujarat government, instructions have been given to the teachers regarding rotation system as per the letter instruction of the education department regarding school attendance. Considering the feedback of the taluka / district level team monitoring the school visits and home learning operations, the rotation system prescribed for education attendance in some schools of the district has not been found to be in line with the interest of students and the educational system.

All the teachers have to ensure that 50% of the staff is present in the school every day (more than 50% of the students can be called if the need arises). In addition, if there is rotation, the next day i.e. one day will have to be left and one day will have to be present.

Download Circular regarding attendance according to the rotation of teachers in the school

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