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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Circular about changes in October Ekam Kasoti Time Table 2020.

 Circular about changes in October Ekam Kasoti Time Table 2020.

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Due to Diwali Vacation dates announced, Ekam Kasoti Time table changed now. On 22 october mail sent to district and on 23 October ekam kasoti papers also available on gcert website. 

Teachers can zerox or print Unit test papers and delivered to all children. Ekam kasoti is taken on 26 to 28 October.

Test papers also available on textbook index QR code and gcert website.In the month of October

 Periodic test from 27/10/2020 to 29/10/2020 as well as Dt. It was planned to take back the answer scripts of the test from the students in the school by 5/11/2020.

Diwali vacation has been declared in primary schools from 29/10/2020 to 18/11/2020. In view of this, periodic test implementation will be planned from October 26 to 28, 2020. From here, the test date. Will be delivered to the district as per routine by e-mail on 22/10/2020.

In addition, All medium tests will be made available on GCERT website ( on 23/10/2020 as well as

Gujarati medium test which can also be seen in the QR Code on the index of the textbook of that subject.

Test answer books from students dt. Instead of 5/11/2020 Must be returned by 25/11/2020.



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