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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Microsoft Teams All teacher ID and Password

Microsoft Teams All teacher ID and Password

Each team has generated its own user ID and password for Microsoft teachers.

For teachers who used to log in with the user ID of their school or technosavvy teacher, those teachers will now be able to log in using their own user ID and password.

Steps of Create Microsoft ID

  • First Download microsoft teams. Open the Microsoft Teams that the teachers have just downloaded.
  • After opening the application, click on the three dots at the top left and click on Add Account.
  • Now enter the SSA teacher code you received. And then enter your district name and a few details.
  • Example.
  • After entering the details as above, you will have to enter your teacher code and district. You will need to edit the link above.
  • After entering the above details, enter the following password.
  • Password is school@123
  • enter Password  and then create a new Password.
  • Now you can Take a lesson on Microsoft Teams with your ID and Passord. 
Too many teachers had the confusion of id and password in Microsoft teams to take classes online. Now there is an easy way to create an ID and password. All teachers can create their own ID and password from their own teacher code.
Every teacher can now take online classes through microsoft teams. And can benefit children. Education Department Gujarat Government has given this wonderful facility to every teacher. With the help of which every teacher can take his own class.
At present, when the schools are closed on Kovid 15, very good efforts are being made by the teachers so that the studies of the children are not spoiled.

Teachers are taking classes through microsoft teams, through Google Meet, through whatsapp group calling. Tell each teacher to create their own ID based on the above information and create their own password.


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