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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Image Intensifier Fluoroscopy

Image Intensifier Fluoroscopy

Fluoroscopy is an imaging technique in which a live xray image of the patient's internal structure is taken and viewed. Depending on the technology, the fluoroscopy machine is of the following types -

  • Direct Vision Fluoroscopy
  • Image Intensifier Fluoroscopy (IITV)
  • Flatpanel Detector Fluoroscopy

Image Intensifier Fluoroscopy replaced Direct vision fluoroscopy due to the many limitations of direct vision fluoroscopy. Image Intensifier (II) fluoroscopy is a modern system, consisting of an Image Intensifier and closed circuit TV system. Hence it is also called IITV.

Fluoroscopy image should have maximum image detail, which requires more image brightness. Image intensifier has higher image brightness, which also displays more image detail. Image brightness depends on anatomy, mA and kVp. Hence image brightness can be changed in fluoroscopy by controlling mA and kVp.

A Fluoroscopy examination lasts for several minutes, which also increases the radiation dose of the patient. The exposure rate is kept as low as 200 mR / Min to reduce the radiation dose of the patient. Fluoroscopy systems have low current output that ranges from 1 to 5 mA and produces 30 images per second. Whereas the current output in radiographic exposure ranges from 100 to 200 mA which is much higher than the fluoroscopic current output. In Fluoroscopy, few X-ray photons are taken to create a single fluoroscopic image. Therefore, comparing the number of X-ray photons, the fluoroscopic image is inferior to the radiographic image.

A special feature of a fluoroscopy machine is the Deadman switch. Continuous xray beam is achieved by continuously pressing either the hand switch or the foot pedal. Exposure is terminated by releasing the pressure applied on the pedal or switch.



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